Our workshops are designed to support students, educators, artists, and makers in using digital fabrication to advance their ideas and develop new skills.

Is this for you? Whether you are new to 3D printing, work at an awesome makerspace, trying to bring STEAM learning to your students, or are an advanced artists looking for new techniques, these workshops can support your goals. You’ll walk away feeling confident with new digital tools in your tool belt.

For the classroom:

Integrating new technology into the classroom can seem daunting but we are here to help with hands-on workshops and training.

We partner with schools, districts and education support organizations to customize these workshops to the size and skill level of your audience.

For the artist and maker:

These one-of-a-kind workshops will empower you to enhance your creativity with digital fabrication. Discover 3D printing as a step in the process of art making in these exploratory workshops. Use cutting edge tools to elevate your project and discover new ways to create. Sculpt in 3D, paint on a 3D printed object, dimensionalize your paintings, 3D print on fabric, the possibilities are endless!

List of Workshops

Printed Plastic Possibilities

CATEGORY: Education | SKILL LEVEL: Beginner

You have heard about it on the news, seen it on tv and can't help but wonder How does this 3D printing stuff work? What exactly can it make?. Well buckle up and get ready to blast into a world of possibility in this introduction to the many applications for 3D printing. This workshop will give you a wide sampling of how 3D printers are used from science to art with practical examples and hands-on experiences. You will walk away with your imagination bubbling over with ideas on what you will print!

3D Printing in the Classroom

CATEGORY: Education | SKILL LEVEL: Beginner

Have a 3D printer in your classroom? Not sure what to do with it? How can 3D printing be used in history class? Math class? What about physical education and beyond? In this professional development workshop, you’ll learn exactly how to make your 3D printer work for you and your students. You’ll learn techniques for classroom use, discover rich primary sources for 3D models and become familiar with powerful software tools to empower your students. Whether you are trying to meet specific curriculum goals or just looking to explore all the possibilities for integrating 3D printing into your school, we are here to help.



Are your students entrepreneurs? Inventors? This Shark Tank style workshop, students are put to the test and must use all their STEAM skills to develop a product idea, create a business plan, make a prototype and compete before a panel of judges to pitch their products. Geared towards students grades 9-12.


CATEGORY: ART | SKILL LEVEL: Beginner-Intermediate

Have you ever wanted to have a 360 degree view of DaVinci’s Mona Lisa? Or to hold one of Van Gogh’s flowers? Sculpt like Picasso? In this workshop, you will see famous artists in a new dimension as you bring famous paintings to life in 3D. You will learn techniques to create a 3D printable model based on a famous painting and then learn to paint it in the style of the original artist.


CATEGORY: ART | SKILL LEVEL: Beginner-Advanced

Learn how to convincingly transform your plastic 3D prints into realistic aged metal and marble sculptures. In this workshop, you will learn the techniques needed to create aged metal finishes, marbles, and other stone finishes. Students get hands on experience working with the materials and walk away with a finished piece.


CATEGORY: Digital Fabrication | SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced

Have you ever wanted to 3D print fantastical futuristic treats or digital desserts? In this workshop, you will learn how to create edible digital objects, learn printable recipes, and how to print direct on the plate. Great ready to discover the delicious possibilities of 3D printed food!



Take a 3D Selfie! In this workshop you will learn about the technology that makes 3D scanning possible and learn to 3D scan objects. You'll walk away with the skill set needed to begin digitizing your world!


CATEGORY: Digital Fabrication | SKILL LEVEL: Beginner

Are you new to 3D printing? Wondering how to use that 3D printer sitting in your closet? In this workshop, you will learn the rules of 3D printing and also when to break those rules. Are you aware of the 45 degree rule? When should you not use support material? Why are your prints curling or not sticking? This is a hands-on course where students and teachers alike will learn how to design simple 3D models and prepare them for 3D printing. Learn how change the filament, maintain a 3D printer, and operate it safely. Then watch your creation come to life layer-by-layer and take it home!


CATEGORY: Digital Fabrication | SKILL LEVEL: Beginner

The Budmen team has extensive experience designing and manufacturing 3D printed lighting from one-off designs to massive lighting installations. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of 3D modeling using parameters and component constraints, how to set up the slicing software for 3D printing lamps, and then leave the workshop ready to print your own fully functional 3D printed lampshade.


CATEGORY: Digital Fabrication | SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced

Have you ever wanted to make a batch of chocolates with your own designed silicone mold? Are you a prop maker in need of new techniques? In this workshop, you will discover the differences in mold material, learn about keying, two part molds, how mold making relates to 3D printing, and how to integrate mold making into your career. This is achieved through the incorporation of analog and digital methods during the process of making. This workshop includes an introduction to three-dimensional printing to create patterns for silicone based molds.

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