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Finding Things to 3D Print


Finding Things to 3D Print

There are many places to find 3D models on the web. Some are digital libraries full of user generated or specially curated models. Others are web apps that allow you to create 3D models right in your browser window. Below is a list of some of the 3D model resources to get you started.

Keep in mind there is no guarantee the models from any of these websites will print successfully, especially the models submitted by users. You will have to rely on your knowledge of 3D printing to decide which models will and will not print.

Institution Content

Smithsonian InstitutionHigh resolution 3D scans from objects in the Smithsonian Collection, including items like Amelia Earhart's Flight Suit, Abraham Lincoln's Life Mask, and the Apollo 11 Command Module. NASADetailed models from NASA's archive, including models of lunar landing sites, the first wrench 3D printed in space, and NASA spacecraft. The British MuseumA large collection of highly detailed and colored 3D scans from the British Museum's collection spanning artifacts from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The LouvreExplore over 200 models from the world-famous Louvre Museum. This incredible collection spans multiple eras of art history. National Institutes of HealthFrom molecular models to jigs for lab equipment, this massive database from the National Institutes of Health has 6000+ models waiting to be discovered. Iowa State Touch TerrainUse Google Maps to generate 3D printable topography using the Touch Terrain web app from Iowa State University. Lawrence University Chemistry DepartmentFor those with super scientific interest, the Chemistry Department at Lawerence University has put together detailed 3D model libraries of infectious pathogens and protein domains for your use.

Community-Driven Content

Cults3DA highly active collection of community driven models offering both free and paid content. Be sure to check out their curated collections as a jumping off point for any project. ThingiverseLaunched in 2008, Thingiverse was the first community driven library of 3D models on the internet. MyMiniFactoryA curated collection of community driven designs. Be sure to check out some of their projects such as "Scan the World," their attempt to archive and provide objects of cultural significance. GrabCADWith a focus on engineering, this community-driven library has highly detailed CAD models. Keep in mind that after downloading, many models may need to be converted to an STL file in order to be 3D printed.
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