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Buildini Cura Setup


Cura Setup

Setting up the open-source Cura Slicing Software to work with your Buildini 3D Printer.

Step 1

Download + Install Cura

Download and install Cura on your computer. Be sure to select the correct package for your operating system. To download click the button below.

Download Cura for Mac

Download Cura for Windows

Download Cura for Linux

Step 2


When you open Cura you will be greeted by a welcome screen, a user agreement, feature list, and a few other screens. Click through these until you get to the "Add a Printer" screen.

Click the drop down for "Add a non-networked printer" and scroll down to "Custom"

At the bottom of the window in the text box that says "Printer name" type in "Budmen Buildini" and click next.

Step 3

Enter Buildini Settings

In the Machine Settings Panel change the settings to the numbers listed below.

X (Width): 470
Y (Depth): 280
Z (Height): 360

Next, copy the text in the box below and paste it into the Start Gcode box in the Machine Settings Panel.

G28 ; home
G29 ; probe
M117 Cleaning Nozzle ; print message
G0 X5 Y10 Z0.3 F9000
M117 ; clear message
G92 E0 ; Set E to 0
G1 Y300 E100 F500 ; Push a bunch of plastic
G92 E0 ; Set E to 0

Next, copy the text in the box below and paste it into the End Gcode box in the Machine Settings Panel.

M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
G91 ; relative positioning
G1 Z10 F1800 ; raise Z by 50mm at 1800 mm/min
G90 ; switch back to absolute coordinates
M84 ; disable motors
M300 S366 P150 ; print finished song
M300 S466 P150
M300 S566 P200
M300 S366 P400

Finally, go to the Extruder 1 tab and enter the settings listed below.

Nozzle size: 0.6
Compatible material diameter: 1.75

Step 4

Import Slicing Profiles

Download and unpack the zip file containing the slicing profiles. To download click the button below.

Download Buildini Cura Slicing Profile

In Cura click on the box that says "Budmen Buildini" and click "Manage Printers".

In the left hand column "Printers" will be highlighted, click on "Profiles". Then click on "Import" and import each of the slicing profiles, one by one until you have imported all 4.

When you are done, click "Close" and go ahead and slice your first object!

To learn more about using Cura, click here to watch the intro video.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at


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