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Adjusting Homing Sensitivity


Adjusting Homing Sensitivity

Is your X Axis or Y Axis not homing all the way to the origin point? Don't worry! It just means it is time to adjust the homing sensitivity. Think of your Buildini like your musical instrument, they both need adjusting and tuning every so often.

The X and Y axes on your Buildini find "home" by sensing resistance on the motor. Sometimes the sensitivity is set too high and the carriage does not make it all the way home. Sometimes it is set too low and it makes an angry noise when it hits home. Follow the steps below to fine tune the homing sensitivity on your machine.

Supplies Needed

1x Buildini 3D Printer

1x USB cable

1x Computer

1x Simplify3D®

Step 1

Connect to Buildini

Connect your Buildini 3D Printer to a computer using the provided USB cable and open Simplify3D®.

Step 2

Open Machine Control Panel

In Simplify3D® click on the "Tools" drop down menu, select "Machine Control Panel." When the window opens, click the "Connect" button.

Step 3


Click on the "Temperature Plot" tab and uncheck "Monitor Temperature" - this will make the next part easier. Click on the "Communication" tab. In the bottom of the input box window enter: M914 and click "Send".

In the communication window, the Buildini will send the current settings, those settings should read
SENT: M914
READ: X homing sensitivity: 9
READ: Y homing sensitivity: 7

Step 4


If your X motor is stopping short of the origin, you will need to raise the X value. If it is going all the way to the origin and failing to register as home, you will need to lower the value. The same is true for the Y axis.

To raise the Y value to 9, enter M914 Y9 and click send. To lower it, enter M914 Y5 and click send. If you need to change the X axis, simply change the "Y" to an "X" in the command, like this: M914 X11

Step 5


After sending the appropriate command to adjust the sensitivity of your X or Y axis, click on the "Jog Controls" tab and click the "Home Y" or "Home X" button to test the sensitivity.

Did the axis move all the way home without stopping? If yes, continue to the next step. If not, repeat step 4. Raise or lower the sensitivity value in increments of 2 until it correctly homes all the way. Then proceed to step 6.

Step 6


Once the sensitivity is dialed in and the axis homes to the correct position, go back to the "Communication" tab, enter M500 and click send. This will save the new settings. Great job! You have successfully tuned your Buildini sensitivity!

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