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Where the Furniture Grows

Elevating humble plastic into carefully crafted heirloom pieces.

POSTED IN 3D Printing + Design + Furniture

3D Printers give us the ability to make almost anything. Working with this technology is an incredible opportunity to explore imagination.

At Budmen Industries that means creating unique, custom, and futuristic furniture. For us, it is our passion and mission to explore the frontier of 3D printed furniture.

We take great pride in how we design and manufacture our 3D printers. And we are extremely proud of what we print with Budmen machines. We choose to print functional furniture. Our goal with our 3D printed furniture is to elevate the humble plastic material into carefully crafted heirloom pieces.

Every piece of furniture we create, from heartbeat inspired tables, to geometric stools, to otherworldly chairs is printed on a Budmen 3D printer. We meticulously sand and hand finish each piece for a unique organic character. The end result is furniture that blurs the line between sculpture and functional design.

Looking to buy a Budmen heirloom furniture piece? Send us an inquiry here.

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