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The Printing Tree

Plastic bottles transformed into heirloom furniture

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What if we could turn recycled plastic into a treasured table that could last generations? Learn how our "Tree Table" challenges the status quo.

When you hear the word plastic, what words come to mind? Disposable? Single use? Temporary? What if plastic could be more? What if 3D printing could elevate plastic into a precious and cherished heirloom? The 3D printed "Tree Table" is one possibility that challenges the plastic status quo.

Instead of using our go-to biodegradable plastic which is made from corn, potatoes and soy beans, we worked with Reflow and used their plastic made from 100% recycled soda bottles. 79 bottles worth, to be exact! There are 79 single-use plastic bottles less in this world because of this side table.

The reclaimed glass table top was rescued from an old table that was being sent to the dump. From the dimensions of the glass, we designed a tree structure to support it from underneath. A tree was chosen as a representation of growth, renewal, and life.

We love the challenge of elevating simple plastic into something more by using technology to create beautiful lasting pieces furniture from recycled materials.

To learn more or discuss how you can use Budmen 3D Printers to meet your recycling goals and green initiatives, please email us: We'd love to hear from you.

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