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For Whom the Buildini Draws

Complex compositions blurring the line between digital and analog.

POSTED IN 3D Printing + Art + Design + Education + Technology

The Buildini™ 3D Printer was created for experimenting.

In our workshop, we keep pushing it to see what new creative possibilities exist within its' gears and sprockets.

We love to swap the extruder on the Buildini for a pen, pencil, or marker and then send it doodling away. The result is an amalgamation of the precision from a machine and the warmth and texture of something handmade.

Watch the "Robotic Drawing" video to see the level of complexity and precision of a Buildini drawing. And like any great artist, the 3D Printer even signs its' work!

Do you have ideas for new art forms that a Budmen 3D Printer can help you realize? Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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