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Designing the Stop Motion City

A look behind the design process

POSTED IN 3D Printing + Design

The city was designed to personify that image you get when close your eyes and imagine a vast urban landscape.

We started designing this city with a massive 10ft x 2.5ft mural on paper with good old fashioned crayons. Few tools capture the feeling of childhood wonder like crayons and as we set out to imagine what the skyscrapers and government buildings of our dreams looked like it was the perfect medium to work in.

With our creative engines running we turned to the computer to begin building this city one block at a time. As the different tiers of buildings emerged our skyline started to take shape.

Perfectly Printable

The stop motion city has a clever design feature that allowed this epic model to 3D print reliably and with no wasted material. Every overhanging detail of the various row homes, municipal buildings and skyscrapers were all designed with an angled 45° surface underneath. This it gives the illusion of a true cantilevered building but allows the model to print without any extra material. As you look through the photos below be sure to keep an eye out for this detail.

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