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Of Cyborgs and Sculpture

The cyborg sculptures of Neil Harbisson created by the Budmen Studio are in museum collections in Germany, Singapore, Barcelona and Ireland.

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We’ve had the great opportunity to work with Neil Harbisson, a cyborg with an implant in his head that allows him to hear color. Born without the ability to see color, Harbisson developed and embedded technology in his head that allows him to sense color as sound.

Here at Budmen Industries, anything’s possible, such as creating the world's first Cyborg Sculpture! These interactive, life-size busts of Neil contain the same cybernetic components that Neil has implanted into his skull. This technology allows the sculpture to "sense" a color and translate it into a sound.

Each Cyborg Sculpture starts with the 3D scan of Neil that we took a few years back. We take that scan and bring it to the Budmen Buildini, where it goes to work 3D printing his bust full size. After embedding the same cybernetic technology Neil uses, we meticulously faux finish the sculpture in aged bronze.

In total, there are three Budmen-made Neil Harbisson Cyborg Sculptures in the world. One sculpture is traveling the globe in the Human+ Exhibit, one is in the permanent collection at the ArtScience Museum in Singapore, and the most recent is in the permanent collection in the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Germany.

Learn more about the process of creating these pieces on the Cyborg Sculpture Project Page

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