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Brave Nom World

Digital desserts crafted by humans and robots.

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What if your computer created a dessert? What would it look like?

Here at Budmen Industries, our computers and 3D printers put on their chef jackets to create show-stopping pastries. 

We call these computational confections Neon Nom Noms, the phenomenon you can nom on!

These mouthwatering treats start the same way as most of our projects, as quick concept sketches. We pick the best ideas from the sketches and create basic 3D versions in a CAD software. From the batch of 3D models one will stand out as the best of the bunch and it moves to the Buildini 3D Printer where it fabricates the object layer by layer. In the case of Neon Nom Noms, this beautiful spiraling shape inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, was the obvious choice.

After it was finished printing, we then glue it down in a box and pour food-grade silicone around it to make a mold. The mold needs to sit for a couple of hours while it “cures” or solidifies. Once the moulds are ready, we send them to the kitchen and fill them with chocolatey marshmallowy sweet and salty deliciousness. Now they are ready to be airbrushed in neon colors to achieve their signature digital-style neon gradient. 

The result? A seriously delicious digital dessert. Hard on the outside, gooey in the center, salty, crunchy, sweet, and oh so nommable!

How can you use a Budmen 3D Printer in your kitchen to create wild and delicious culinary confections? Contact us at: to discover the possibilities!

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