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You must select and purchase "Shipping Insurance" prior to delivery for your item(s) to be insured. Budmen Industries does not insure any items that are shipped out and is not responsible for any damage incurred during transit and upon delivery. Budmen Industries will, however, work with the given shipping company and insurance company on the customer's behalf in the case of a claim.

Semi Truck / Freight Shipment-Damage

Be sure to carefully inspect a product for damage before signing the bill of Lading.

1. While the truck driver is present, inspect all sides, top, and bottom of the crate for any damage. Look for arrows pointing down instead of up. Look for holes in the wood. Note all discrepancies in packaging, such as torn shrink wrap or suggestions of repackaging. These could all be signs that your shipment sustained damage in transit.

2. Inspect both the Shock Watch and Tilt Indicator. If either of them are red, damaged, or missing, provide an accurate and clear report of the issue.

3. Open the crate and inspect for damages.


Please note all items in delivery. If the purchase contains several packages, make sure all items are accounted for.

If Damaged

1. Make notation of inspection including the specific items, damage sustained, and quantity of said items on the delivery receipt. If damaged in any way, it is imperative that you point this out to the truck driver so it is recorded for all parties involved.

2. Include driver's name if possible.

3. The precise nature and extent of the damage should be noted in the Proof of Delivery and Bill of Lading.

4. Takes pictures of the damage. Take photos of the Bill of Lading document with the damages/loss noted.

5. Keep all packing materials in the condition upon arrival. Without the packaging materials, the carrier might determine the cause of damage is from insufficient packaging and will deny the claim.

4. Notice of damages must be presented to Budmen Industries within 5 business days from the date of delivery. If you wait until after 5 business days to inform Budmen Industries, your claim will most likely be denied.

Filing claims is much quicker when damage has been identified and noted by the recipient and freight carrier. Failure to note damage or shortage at time of receipt greatly reduces the chance of collecting on a freight claim.

In Conclusion

Communication and transparency are key in addressing shipping shortages and/or damages. If you shipment is affected, 1) Note on the Bill of Lading 2) Take photos of the damages 3) Contact us within 5 business days and we will give you instructions on how to file a claim.

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