Three SCORIA STOOLS showing off the variety and complexity of the different forms

Immediately after 3D printing stools are inspected for consistency and quality before being prepped for hand finishing.

The Helix Stool is defined by it's computational swirling structure.

Size: 20in x 20in x 22in

The hand crafted surface finish of the SCORIA stools is inspired by volcanic rock

The Kaleidoscopic Stool is defined by it's interwoven and geometric form.

Size: 20in x 20in x 22in

Detail of Kaleidoscopic Stool

The Parabolic Stool is defined by it's smooth mathematic undulating curves.

Size: 20in x 20in x 22in

Detail of Parabolic Stool

Light plays with sharp lines and recesses of the Kaleidoscopic Stool

The Interwoven Stool is defined by the interlocking sharp lines

Detail of the Interwoven Stool

Size: 36in x 14in x 14in

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Polylactic Acid, Custom-blend structural resin

In 2017 the studio began exploring bringing uniquely digital and sculptural forms to functional furniture. The unique forms of the Scoria Stools are distinctly computational shapes that could only be precisely manufactured using additive manufacturing. These forms are 3D printed upside down and hollow with an open base to make for a lightweight form that can be hand finished inside and out. The structural resin used to finish the piece is applied by hand and creates a near impenetrable membrane that gives each stool it's incredible durability.


The swirling and geometric shapes of the Scoria Stools were inspired by moments in our lives: the undulating peaks and valleys of the water surface, the spiraling structure of our DNA, and enigmatic toys of our childhood.

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