Striatti Lamp No. 31

Detail of the signature striations of the Striatti Lamps

The sculptural forms of the lamp make a strong statement whether or not the lamp is illuminated

While illuminated the layers of the Striatti Lamps glow to life

Detail of the glowing curves of a Striatti Lamp

The unique continuous 3D printing process produces a surface that is at once uniform and variable.

Striatti Lamps hang in the ALL OF THE LIGHT installation - a work of art that celebrates diversity and individuality

With so much variety of form each Striatti Lamp is a unique reflection of an individual

ALL OF THE LIGHTS Attendees as they explore their identities reflected in the lamps that surround them

ALL OF THE LIGHTS Attendee delights in finding a lamp that expresses her identity

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Polylactic Acid, woven fiber covered cord

These lamps are printed in a translucent bio-plastic in one continuous extrusion, layer by layer. This process produces surfaces with striations similar to those seen on rock formations and tree bark. The layers are printed as thick as possible to emphasize these unique striations. We love this uniquely layered aesthetic, not only is it a signature of the process, but the lamp takes on an entirely new character when illuminated.


To bring a personal and human element to each of the designs, we decided to digitally sculpt each one by hand. As the process unfolded, a variety of form families emerged while the personality of each lamp remained unique. Some are symmetrical and appeared rooted in pure geometry. Some are gestural, feeling like captured motion. Others swirl and stretch into splendid spirals. Some are representational, reminding us of abstract avocados, handsome hats, and timeless toys.

See the STRIATTI LAMPS in the ALL OF THE LIGHTS installation

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