Resolute Chair

Profile of the Resolute Chair

Size: 24in x 20in x 36in

Detail of the flowing forms on the back of the Resolute Chair

The organic form of the Resolute Chair is inspired by tree growth patterns.

The hand-applied texture produces a unique grain texture similar to volcanic rock and creates a durable protective surface.

The Resolute Chair mid-print on the Budmen BUILDER. The honeycomb structure adds strength and saves weight.

Every millimeter of the chair is hand finished after printing to create a uniform surface.

The surface is polished to an immaculate finish.

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Polylactic Acid, Custom-blend structural resin

The Resolute Chair is the fusion of sculpture and function. Featuring undulating natural forms, this statement chair blurs the line between modern art and functional decor. It elevates an otherwise utilitarian piece of furniture into a sculptural work of art.

The Resolute Chair was 'grown' layer by layer on the Budmen Builder™ 3D printer. Starting with wide, stretching roots for stability, the chair’s form becomes slender and tall, then branches out to support the canopy for the seat and back. With this biological pattern in mind, the Resolute Chair was designed from the base upwards, allowing it to grow up and outwards.


The Resolute Chair get its name from our 5 year pursuit to design and build a 3D printer that could reliably print a functional and full sized chair. When we set out to make this machine, we never imagined that it would take dozens of prototypes, years in the making, to get it just right. With each prototype the results improved, but it wasn't until we had built a machine that met our unwavering standards for reliable performance and superior print quality that when we finally printed this chair, we christened it "The Resolute Chair."

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