Frequently Asked Questions

So are you a 3D printing service?
The short answer is no. However, we do take on selective fabrication projects that challenge the limits of 3D printing. So if you have a big idea, let’s talk!
Do you make art or do you make 3D printers?
Both! We started making 3D printers because we wanted to make art with them. Now we do both, allowing the tools we make to challenge our creative ideas and our creative ideas to challenge our tools.
Are you open to the public?
No. Our studio is filled with top-secret projects and for that reason access to the workshop is by appointment only.
How can I follow you folks?
The best way is on Instagram or to sign-up for our Newsletter: The Budmen Bulletin
Is the Budmen BUILDER™ for sale?
It will be soon! Head over and sign up for the mailing list to get the latest information on our big beautiful machine!
Where is the “All of the Lights” Installation?
Right now we are fielding offers to exhibit the installation, so if you have a gallery space or venue you want to see “All of the Lights” in send us an email at hello@budmen.com