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Live Event – A Million Shields

An estimated 1 million Budmen® Face Shields have been produced and distributed across the globe since March 2020.

Discover how three extraordinary citizens organized their communities to produce tens of thousands of Face Shields to protect frontline workers fighting COVID-19.

Join Stephanie and Isaac of Budmen Industries in a discussion with Madiha Choksi, Jake Ezzo, Sam Haynor and Eda Altiok about how their heroic actions in NYC, New Jersey and San Francisco brought together vast communities in a time of need.

Madiha Choksi


Madiha Choksi is a technologist and maker who investigates the deep layers of socio-political implications of data-driven emerging technologies. Specifically, her research focuses directly on the intersection of technology, privacy, and human rights. Madiha is a strong advocate of the open-source community, and prioritizes access and use of free and open source tools and resources in her professional research and teaching capacity at Columbia University. Madiha holds an MS from the University of Toronto, and an MA from Columbia University.

Jake Ezzo

SOMA NJ 3D Printer Alliance

South Orange Middle School Choral Director

Sam Haynor

Something Labs

Exploratorium Exhibit Developer

Eda Altiok

Something Labs

Exploratorium Exhibit Developer

Thank you to Virtually Maker Faire for hosting this event. Be sure to check out all the incredible Maker Faire events!

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