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Cyborg Sculpture



Neil Harbisson is the first government recognized cyborg and able to hear color through an integrated antenna.

The Cyborg Sculpture of Neil contains the same cybernetic sense.

Born seeing only grayscale, Harbisson developed the technology that is now embedded in his head for over decade. With it he can now sense color as sound. The cyborg sculpture is a life-size bust of Neil containing the very same cybernetic components. This means the sculpture has the same cybernetic ability to sense color as sound as Neil does.

We started this sculpture by 3D scanning Neil using an infrared 3D scanner to capture the data. In addition to sensing any color in the visible light spectrum Neil's antenna can also sense ultraviolet and infrared, so as he was 3D scanned he could hear the scanner working.

After rendering the 3D scan data into a 3D model, cavities to contain the cybernetic components were created.

The sculpture was then 3D printed in parts and carefully assembled.

After assembly we meticulously applied the bronze finish. This in house process adds texture and depth to the sculpture to create a convincing aged bronze surface.

The result: a life size sculpture that looks and feels like bronze with specialized cavities to contain the cybernetic components.

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