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The Budmen Buildini™ is a practical large-scale 3D Printer designed for demanding workshop environments where performance and flexibility matter most.


The Buildini Story

We built the Buildini as a reliable large format 3D printer for our own use in our creative studio.

In our studio, experimentation is the name of the game. It is common to find 3D printers printing everything from pastry to fabric to furniture. Needless to say, this sort of constant experimentation can be very demanding on a 3D printer.

Our goal was to build a large 3D printer that could meet the demands of extreme experimentation while keeping maintenance quick and easy.

We started from the ground up. Challenging traditional ideas and construction techniques. We obsessively pushed for a simpler, more reliable machine. Thousands of hours experimenting, testing and refining resulted in a singular 3D printer that is minimal, modular, and maintainable. We call it the Buildini.

We hope that you use this tool to experiment and discover your possibilities.


Don't let the radically simple design of the Buildini™ 3D Printer fool you. This powerful machine is ready to 3D print big beautiful objects. The minimal design makes it intuitive to use and allows you to maximize your printing power. The power of the Buildini™ is in its simplicity.

Large Scale

The 0.6mm nozzle on the Buildini™ is 50% bigger than the industry standard to print more plastic, faster. Combine that with the massive 2.849 ft³ build volume, the only limit to what you can make is your imagination.


With an open build platform and material approach the Buildini is ready for experimentation. Print with exotic plastics and make flexible, dissolvable or castable objects. Clamp fabric to the build platform and print structured soft-goods. The possibilities for experimentation are endless.

Start creating with Buildini.

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Quality Matters.

Quality is something we can sense. It's the difference between using a tool and loving one. We meticulously manufacture the Buildini in small batches to exacting standards. We bring a fanatical level of attention and care to every screw, motor, wire, weld, and connector so when you turn on your Buildini you can feel the quality. Some call that obsession. Some call that crazy. For us it is the only way to do it right.

All Metal Construction.

Manufactured to last. Aerospace-grade aluminum and premium carbon steel components ensure high quality and reliable performance. For extreme corrosion resistance, every screw, nut and bolt is 316 stainless steel. This adds up to years of printing without having to worry about rust, wear, or tear.

Million Motion Cables

When it came to cabling on the Buildini we went to extreme lengths to ensure long life and performance. High tech polymers and strong copper strands add up to cables rated for over 1 million motions. Factory equipment and other mega machines around the world rely on the same cable to get the job done.

Perfect Print Platform

Made from a specially formulated polymer the Perfect Print Platform guarantees maximum adhesion and effortless print removal. The high visibility grid makes it easy to measure the size of your object at a glance.

Superior Slicing Software

You can create perfect prints with the most powerful 3D printing software available. Simplify3D® comes bundled with every Buildini and provides complete control over your prints. The user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to create incredible high-quality 3D prints.

Power your prints with:

Tough Torx

Torx screws are made to withstand extreme torque. Even under the heaviest of use, these screws hold tighter and last longer than other screws. That adds up to years of reliable performance for your printer.

Cutting-Edge Carbon Fiber

Made from aerospace-grade 3K matte-weave carbon fiber the Buildini™ build plate is highly rigid and lightweight. This super sturdy surface allows you to reliably print big objects. Need more proof? Unmanned aerial vehicles and spacecraft use this high-tech material!

Silent Steppers

Who said big ideas have to be loud? Four integrated Trinamic motor drivers make for an unbelievably quiet machine. Smart and powerful these electronics allow for higher resolution prints, less maintenance and near silent operation.
Beacon of Possibility

Frontier Yellow

Pioneers are a special breed. They are a courageous bunch who roll up their sleeves, dive in and get their hands dirty. They are rebels who don't wait for the future, they seize the possibilities today. They rely only on their tools and intuition to get them there.

Frontier Yellow is a beacon of possibility for pioneers, illuminating the path forward.

Explore your possibilities with Buildini.

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Technical Specifications

Printer Capabilities
Build Size approx. 18.5 x 11 x 14 in (470 x 280 x 360mm)
Material Compatibility PLA, PETG, TPE, TPU, Carbon Fiber Filled PLA, Wood Filled PLA, Metal Filled PLA
Nozzle Size 0.6mm [Compatible with 0.4-1.2mm Nozzles]
Print Temperature Range 160°C to 240°C
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Print Resolution 0.1mm - 0.4mm layer height
Print Precision +/- 2mm*
Control + Power
Data Input SD Card or USB
Display Monochrome LCD panel. White backlight. Menu for file selection, setting adjustment, pause/resume job
Power Requirements 100VAC, Standard household wall outlet
Software Simplify3D® license included. Supports .STL and .OBJ file formats.
Operating System Windows(7+), Mac OS X (10.7+) and Linux operating systems
Printer Chassis
Color Frontier Yellow
Body Construction Powder Coated Steel and Aluminum
Build Plate Construction 3k Carbon Fiber
*There are many factors that can affect this dimensional accuracy such as filament quality, bed leveling, flow rate, thermal expansion and contraction, and software settings.


Education is the key to success. To empower our customers to make great things we offer a growing knowledge base. Learn how to 3D print today with our library of user guides, tutorials and support materials.

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